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Ready to tell your brand’s story to the world? Fantastic – we want to share Talking_876x548your unique message in an emotionally-engaging and creative way that stands out from the pack. While we’re doing it, we’ll also create advocates for your brand.

With a strategic communications plan in hand and a consciousness of your budget, we’ll identify the most effective methods and tactics in combination to get the carefully crafted word out. We offer both do-it-yourself solutions for the budget-conscious startup as well as project- and retainer-based services to lighten your workload.


Not yet ready to commit to a retainer or project? No problem. Sometimes entrepreneurs have their own marketing & PR ideas in mind and just need some help finessing their plan. That’s where DIY PR Consulting – Do-It-Yourself Public Relations – comes in.

Sit down with agency principal Lisa Simone Richards for a 90-minute consultation to finesse your business’ marketing and PR plans:

  • Ask your top five burning marketing/communications questions and get in-depth feedback and insight
  • Receive top-level strategies and tactics from achieving your business goals
  • Learn who you need to talk to in the media and get insider secrets on how best to craft your message, when to reach out them, media pet peeves and best practices
  • …and as much more as we can fit into 1.5 hours!

Feeling inclined to let us take charge after your consultation? We’d love to – our job is to make your life easier! Your DIY PR Consulting fee will be applied to your first invoice. Contact us to set up an appointment and get your PR/marketing plan up and running!

Project-Based & Retainer Services

Media Relations

Aside from great working relationships with some of the most sought-after media personalities and insiders, we’re lucky enough to call many of them our friends – let us introduce you. Services include:

  • Engaging media relationships to advance brand awareness through TV/print/online/radio platforms
  • Designing and disseminating press communications
  • Local, national and international media relations
  • Editorial product placement
  • Media training
  • Management and implementation of influencer campaigns


Sometimes together is better! For years we’ve introduced brands that we know will play nice with each other. We work with and have relationships with a cross-section of businesses that may very well likely complement your own business concept, to develop a mutually-beneficial relationship. Let us take care of:

  • Strategic partnerships and cross-promotions
  • Corporate social responsibility programs
  • Contract negotiation

Product Launches & Events

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. We’ll ensure that your best foot is put forward. From invitations to event execution to thank-you notes, we work with the best to put together a memorable event that will leave a lasting impact.

  • Product launches and media showings
  • Event branding and execution
  • Private and public affairs


Have a favourite health/fitness publication? There’s a very solid chance that we’ve written content for it. The need to tell your story effectively while having and emotional impact on the reader continues to get greater, especially with the rise of content marketing. We we’ve either written content for it or gotten a client featured.

  • Copywriting and content creation
  • Blogs & web-ready copy
  • Contributed articles
  • Newsletters

Don’t let budget be the reason your message stays silent. Just like one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to exercise and nutrition, we get that one style of billing won’t work for all clients. The team at Vitality will work with you to create a tailored project plan that fits in your pocket.