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Getting Back on Track!



April 10 , 2016 | Posted by vpradmin | No Comments

Getting Back on Track!

So, here’s the secret a lot of health and fitness professionals will hide: sometimes we’re guilty of falling off track. Yup. I’ll totally admit it, despite working in the industry and being a former personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I’ve been spending more time with my couch than I have been at the gym. Plus, hitting the treadmill at the condo gym is getting a wee bit stale. I also know myself well enough to recognize that I’m a creature of habit – I have a handful of studios and workouts in the city that I love to do and tend to stick with them. Totally looking for some new motivation, I was pumped to get an email from my friends at recently- launched justryit to check out their latest venture.


Wanna check out a new style of workout? justtryit

Heard about a cool studio that opened and wanna give it a whirl? justtryit

Need to get fit on a budget? justtryit!

See where I’m going with this? Loving the concept, justtryit is Toronto’s fitness passport offering a sampler for local gyms and boutique studios across the city! So far I’ve had the opportunity to check out a few workouts I may have never tried otherwise – testing my balance at Surfset, challenging my strength at Reebok CrossFit LV, and pretty much getting my a$$ handed to me after a functional workout at CORE Strength & Conditioning Studios. I’m love flirting with all these studios, without having to commit 😉 And if I do find my perfect fit at one of justtryit’s featured studios, hello hookups, exclusive deals if I decided to sign up!

10 drop-in classes, more than 40 studios to choose from, and all for under $50? Yes please!

If you need a little motivation to get your pre-summer fitness on, definitely give these fitness entrepreneurs a try and check out justtryit!

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