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They’re Talking About Us!



They’re Talking About Us!

Hey, it’s PR – the goal is to get talked about right? Excited to share that ‘they’ve’ been talking about moi and about Jessica Sparrow, founder of Foxy Kickboxing, this week!

Edmonton Sun features Foxy Kickboxing

Foxy Kickboxing - Edmonton Sun 11.29.2015

In just five years, Jess has built Foxy Kickboxing to over 75 locations across Canada’s west coast and during her first year as a competitive boxer she’s already progressed to the national level!

PR Couture features ME!


Shameless self-plug: ever since I was in undergrad dreaming of running sh*t in the fashion PR game (oh, how dreams evolve and change!), I’ve been obsessed with industry site PR Couture. I mean obsessed to the point of delving into the site founder’s Master’s thesis! So when I was featured on their site last week, as expected there was many a ‘squee’ of excitement! Check out my profile on their site and I’m excited to be contributing some posts in future to infuse some Canadian content!

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