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Who Inspires You?



Who Inspires You?

Let me be (mostly) transparent: forget the boys, I get girl crush CRAZY. Straight out of university when I got started with my PR career, I read every single article there was to read about NY PR powerhouses Alison Brod, Lizzie Grubman, Elizabeth Harrison and Lara Shriftman. I was obsessed. Reading about their backgrounds, how they got to where they are, their challenges and their successes very much influenced the early stages of my career and I still aspire to be ‘on their level’ one day. Closer to home here in Toronto, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and grow alongside some amazing female entrepreneurs. When I compare where were there then to where we are now, I’m floored by our amazing personal and professional growth over the years!

If you’re still figuring out who your own go-to inspirations are in life and business, may I share some suggestions? I’m SUPER pumped to be working along with Sexy & Wealthy in Heels to co-host the ever-amazing Power Panel, coming up on November 24th at The Spoke Club in Toronto. The Power Panel features seven women business leaders who are making a difference in their industries. All of whom have thriving businesses that are successful and helping other women be fabulous. This year’s Power Panel features women who are slaying it in their careers, whether they’re doing an outstanding job at work or running their own show:

Tickets are limited so if you want to learn from the best, secure your spot now! Learn success and money tips from leading fabulous females, in this inspirational, interactive and educational seminar. Who’s going to be your #girlcrush in business?

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