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Article Roundup: DIY Public Relations Tips for Entrepreneurs



Article Roundup: DIY Public Relations Tips for Entrepreneurs

What entrepreneur doesn’t love the idea of opening up a magazine to full-page colour spread featuring themselves and their business? While it may look seamelss and easy-to-do, don’t underestimate the strategic planning that went into creating that piece: When was it pitched? What angle made it more successful than other similar story ideas? Who supplied the graphics? There’s a lot of work that goes into securing media coverage for your business. Since many cash-strapped entrepreneurs are going the do-it-yourself public relations route, I thought I’d share PR tips with some of my favourite resources for entrepreneurs.

Check out some of our latest featured articles in outlets that every small biz entrepreneur should be reading:

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5 PR Mistakes To Avoid When Pitching Your Business To Media Outlets – If you aren’t already reading YFS Magazine, start yesterday. It’s one of my favourite daily reads! Trying to get through the media gatekeepers to share your story with the world? Avoid these five DIY PR mistakes and you’re closer to getting coverage for your business.

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5 Steps to Do-It-Yourself PR – Switching it up from what not to do, I list five steps you absolutely need to take if you’re going to take public relations into your own hands on the Sexy & Wealthy in Heels blog.

Media Relations: Understanding Lead Times – Now that you’re getting a hang of the dos and don’ts of PR and media relations, you need to consider when to pitch. Did you know that magazines operate on a 4-6 month lead time? So if you’re pitching a holiday story to a glossy in November, you’re SOL. Get a better understanding of the timelines that different outlets work under on the Sexy & Wealthy in Heels blog (can you tell I love SWH as a resource for female entrepreneurs?!).

If you’re on information overload with these tips, let the team at Vitality PR take the guesswork out of your hands so you can work ON your business instead of IN your business! Contact us to book a consultation and learn how we can get your health, fitness and/or wellness business in the media and in front of your target clients!

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